Whether you are a small or medium sized business, self-employed and wanting to grow, or a successful multi-national organisation; Christoffer de Graal can provide you with the guidance and tools needed to take your company into an unknown, yet exciting future, stride by confident stride.

For all that we know about our business, we sometimes find ourselves in a place of 'not knowing'; We may have just won an exciting new contract, or perhaps we have taken steps to employing a disabled person. Now is the time for Training for Professionals, which provides training in specific topics such as understanding disability, listening and communication skills, and the importance of Empathy. Christoffer de Graal trains many people in all types of organisations, in a plethora of topics. The training enables you to engage with the difficult questions, provide confidence, clarity and focus around specific topics and increases your personal awareness of your work, your community and the world around you. Whatever your training needs, please contact us for a full list of dates and courses.

You may of course already have excellent skill-sets amongst your staff, and may already know where you are going and where you want to be. Instead, you might be looking for the tools to take your staff on a difficult and challenging exploration of change. On the other hand, maybe you want to prise out the best way to market your company, from the many people that are behind its success, outside the confines of a boardroom, in a creative and inviting space.

Christoffer de Graal delivers innovative and exciting Group Workshops for teams wishing to benefit from working together as an internal group, or in an honest and open environment with people from other organisations. The shape and format of the workshops will be discussed, planned and goals set with the participating organisation(s) in advance of the event, and can include the excellent MovingSound™ technique, developed by Christoffer de Graal, for greater transition and deeper enquiry.

Whatever your business needs, Christoffer would love to help you, and your business, achieve your highest potential, please contact us for an informal chat.














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