The educational workshops are open to anyone associated with education, or within an educational establishment. Perhaps you are a Local Authority Education advisor wishing to connect better with your schools, or perhaps you are the leader of a federation of schools wishing to understand the issues as well as the strengths, within each school. Whatever your position Christoffer can offer you the chance to collaborate better. Perhaps you are an individual school wanting to meet the needs of your pupils, and bring them a workshop which will increase their self confidence, allow them to lead and be lead, and show them thriving in a creative and vibrant environment, with the use of sound and movement to help them express themselves at a deeper level.

Christoffer de Graal works with adults, primary and senior school pupils, as well as those at risk of exclusion. Every time an educational workshop has finished, it is possible to see enormous benefits it gives to the pupils. Each workshop is bespoke and is formed in collaboration with the LA, school, or PRU, to ensure that individual needs and requests are met and that we fit in with the requirements of the school or setting and that of the National Curriculum.

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