Christoffer de Graal Coaching offers many ways to embark on your journey and to help you achieve your highest potential. There are sessions and workshops for individuals and/or teams, offering both Personal Development Coaching (aka life coaching) which concentrates on an individual's desire for resolving deeper personal issues, as well as Work Support Coaching, which focus clearly on topics specifically related to your working practice (aka executive coaching).

If you are wishing to develop as a group there are Group Workshops for professionals perhaps wanting to develop and grow as a team within the same company or organisation.

The creative workshops for families are held in an open and accepting environment where mothers and fathers can come together to have fun, leaving the daily chores behind, and spending valuable time playing with their children. The creative workshops for health and wellbeing are wonderful spaces for those in hospice care or an NHS settings wishing to resolve personal issues with other people in similar situations. Group workshops are a rewarding way to connect, share and find a sense of self and belonging as they offer you the chance to come together in a fun and safe environment.

If you have specific training needs such as using clean language techniques or communication, the Training for Professionals is a much sought after programme with many different topics covered.

Workshops for Education have been specifically developed for anyone within an educational establishment or local authority children's services department. The educational workshops can be a mix of teacher and student, or student only. All student-orientated educational workshops are bespoke and tailored to the needs of the learner, complementing and supporting their current learning journey. All ages/stages welcome. Please see for further details where you will also find information on Creative Workshops for Families, and health and Wellbeing.














Training for Professionals





Group Workshops




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