Personal Development Coaching

An enriching and deeply intuitive and creative experience.


These sessions allow you to take time-out and explore within yourself, or your understanding of a particular topic. It is an opportunity to answer those primal questions that we rarely make time to focus on, benefitting from the knowledge that they impart once explored, carrying their wisdom into the future with us, on our continued journey.


Who Will Benefit From Attending?

Anyone with a thirst for self-knowledge, a wish to change, a desire to contribute more fully to the world and the fire in their heart to accept a challenge, will benefit from these compassionate and deeply enquiring coaching sessions.


The Experience

There are varying formats for the 1-1 sessions.

Telephone or SKYPE.
In the woods, by the stream, in the valley.
In a safe and gentle Indoor setting
In Retreat (longer sessions for groups and 1-1 coaching)

In whichever setting, the 1-1 coaching sessions can incorporate the Moving Sound™ technique and are interactive. The session format is discussed and agreed with the participant in advance; informing the practice, and allowing the participant to lead self-development.


Take Away

Greater Self-knowledge
Manageable actions
Joyfully achievable outcomes
Deepening your sense of intuition
Peace and confidence on your journey














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