Coaching and Facilitation for Teams

People at all level of abilities participate in a fun and energetic environment, to skill-share and network.


The result of sessions is an understanding of the richness derived from working within a team, as well as enhancement of your own personal and professional development. The focus is particularly on working with people of all abilities and bringing them together to share and experience each other's gifts, creating a cohesive environment in which all levels of experience and expertise benefit and learn from each other.


Who Will Benefit From Attending?

Those working with groups in the community
Those working with disabled people
Training providers
Multi-Sector Organisations delivering work for any of the above

The Experience

Group facilitation workshops commence with sound-based ice-breaking exercises to welcome the group, sharing thoughts, hopes and expectations of the day. Each workshop is bespoke and created with the involvement of the organisation or group, though will often use goal-setting, storyboards and personal metaphor to allow each person to achieve their highest potential, bringing out their natural leadership skills. The workshops are largely a non-verbal experience, where sound and movement takes precedent. The aim of the workshop is to bring people closer together, collaborating and building strong teams for the future of your group/organisation.


Take Away

Greater self-knowledge and awareness of others
Manageable actions – working in collaboration with others
Goal setting and an enthusiasm to achieve
Deepening sense of the needs of the organisation
Ability and desire to achieve the highest potential of the group/individual
Networking and skill-sharing opportunities














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