Work Support Coaching

Encouraging individuals to achieve their highest potential, specifically related to their working practice.


Clear and specific goals are identified by inquiring into your current situation, moving through to their desirable outcomes, leaving you with the skills and knowledge to set and achieve your desires.

These sessions include exercises and models to increase awareness, develop skills and increase motivation and effectiveness. The focus is on visioning, planning, prioritising, motivation, project management, and clear, achievable, and sustainable outcomes. Christoffer de Graal has personally benefitted from this kind of work support coaching, allowing him to gain a wide range of (working practice) skills, and enquire deeply into the issues, challenges and opportunities that people have within their own working practices.

There are 2 packages available, depending on requirements of the individual:

Developmental Sessions (Weekly or Fortnightly)

Exploring issues, setting goals, and learning and embedding skills

Focus Support Sessions (Monthly)

To keep on track, hold the overview, learn and review additional skills. Usually six one hour sessions available initially.

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who needs support in their work.


The Experience

There are varying formats for the 1-1 sessions.

Telephone or SKYPE
Face to Face - At the Harford Barn Studio, Tedburn St. Mary
Clients workplace (by prior request/agreement)

Take Away

More effectiveness at work
Increased personal confidence and sense of self-worth
Greater ability to prioritise, plan, manage and deliver work.

Christoffer de Graal also has extensive experince of Job Coaching, work support coaching, working with disabled people – please contact Christoffer directly for further information.














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